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  • What is EasiLingua?
EasiLingua is an online English school which uses Skype videoconference to give classes.


  • How does EasiLingua work?

a) First contact the teacher by completing the contact form, including the course you would like to study, how many classes you would like to have and what day and time you would like to have the class.

b) The teacher will then contact you by email to arrange a test session. This test session allows you to meet the teacher, see how EasiLingua works and decide if you like the class.  The teacher will also assess your level and advise you on which course is most suitable.  If you want to continue with the classes you arrange payment before the day and time you want to receive the class.

c) A few days before your class the teacher will send you the material you are going to work on.

d) The classes start.


  • What is an online EasiLingua class like?

The teacher will call you on Skye on the day and time previously arranged. Before the class the teacher will send you the material that you are going to work on in the class.  With this material you will practise grammar, do a series of speaking, listening and reading activities and practise pronunciation.

During the class the teacher will explain anything you don’t understand and will correct any mistakes.

At the end of the class the teacher will tell you what exercises to do to help revise what you have studied in class. You can send this homework to the teacher and she will correct it before the next class. You can also contact the teacher if you have any problems doing the homework exercises.


  • How long is a class?

Lessons can be 30, 60, or 90 minutes long.


  • Do I need to use a webcam during class?

We advise you to turn on your webcam during the class to allow for better communication between the teacher and the student. The student usually feels more comfortable if they can see the teacher and body language is an important part of communications.

However, the webcam is not obligatory and we will respect the student’s decision not to use it during the class.


  • How can I pay for EasiLingua classes?

By Paypal/Western Union/Postal Oder

(You will be able to make Debit/Card Card payments onsite here shortly)

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